Here is a summary of some of the services we offer for you


Having a 'Brand Story' is the heart and soul of the company, it is what defines it, it is what makes the customer recognize who you are.


Being one of the biggest Social Media Platforms in the world, of course you want some attention. We help you with finding who your customers are and narrowing down to paying customers.


Nearly 80% of social media time is spent on Mobile phone devices. We help you optimize your website for Hand Held devices, thus creating more avenues of engagement.


Creating an Email sales funnel is one of the biggest return on investment a company can make. We help you obtain a customers email, and help you create up-sells and recurring customers.


Having a presence on Social Media is now the biggest factor for sales within business's. We can create a online presence for you with engaging posts which will bring in more customers.


Everything online is monitored and tracked. "Everything". We can show you the statistics and progress that comes with an effective Social Media campaign. 

“You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.”


Below is a outline of the packages we provide to business's. All packages can be tailored made to your individual needs and circumstances.



We help you set up and manage all Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Snap chat, You Tube, Instagram, others

If you’re already set up, we can help manage and tweak your platforms for best effectiveness.

Help create more engaging posts, that revert to a higher conversion rate.

Show you data analytics for the clientele you’re reaching and show you where to improve.

Teach you how to target the right clientele for you, not just window shoppers.



We’ll get you out of the shadows of the other bigger competition.

Help create a ‘Who you are’ story that will resonate with customers.

Have engaging posts and updates that people reply/ share and engage with.

Help create a culture and brand for you and your business.

We teach you to rank higher on Google Search

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We can help you set up your website for Mobile/ Tablet Optimisation



We help you create engaging posts and updates, that will attract more clientele.

Set up competitions and giveaways to create a bigger database.

Set up sales funnels, that obtain emails and set up auto responders that are more individual.

Narrow down on customers that will actual buy from you, not just window shop.

With an “Ad Spend” budget, we can target more people and engage more customers.

Create professional photography and video



The ultimate goals for any business is to help more people and have more sales.

We can help drive more people to you, engage more people, attract more people, interest more people, convert more people and help more people.

End goal is to help you become a better business through Social Media.


Please fill in your details below, outlining what you would like to achieve through social media and we will endeavor to get in contact as soon as possible.

Contact us, and we can set up a FREE online audit to see how your business is located on the web, and tweaks we need to improve on. 

Once we have conducted the audit with your permission, we can provide a outline of what works, and what needs to be fixed online. Then tailor make a Social Media Package to suit your individual needs.


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